Why do you have swollen feet after pregnancy?

swollen feet after pregnancy

It is okay if the woman has swollen feet during the second half of the pregnancy. This symptom is caused by excesses of liquid in her body. So it may happen with the most of future mothers. But you may be confused if your feet swell even after the childbirth. So why do you do you have swollen feet after pregnancy? And what should you do in these cases?

Women’s hormonal background changes during the pregnancy. That is why, some liquid may stay in your body a little bit longer than they supposed to. Amount of blood will increase, because you have to give enough blood for your child and yourself. If your health is OK, swollen feet after pregnancy should not become a long-term issue, but in some cases the process of stabilization may last for several months.

swollen feet after pregnancy

And if we are talking about swollen feet after pregnancy, there may be several reasons:

  • Eating or sleeping disorders. Baby caring may take a lot of energy all the day long, and even at night. Your body becomes exhausted, and your legs swell.

  • A lot of junk food. If the woman is not on the lactation period, she may taste a lot of favorite dishes, most of which were restricted during the pregnancy. Salt artificially increases the amount of water in your body.

  • Phlebeurysm. The main factor for phlebeurysm is issues with circulation of the blood in your limbs. Your veins may become much weaker during the pregnancy, so disease will get better terms for its development.
  • Kidney disorders. If you have some health-issues during the pregnancy, some of them may remain even after it. In this case, your kidneys may become overloaded during the pregnancy. The risk is much higher for people who are ill with pyelonephritis.
  • Heart disorders. Additional pressure caused by “working for 2 instead of 1” may damage your heart.