Feet swelling after pregnancy: how to deal with this issue?

feet swelling after pregnancy

The treatment for feet swelling after pregnancy depends on the reason, which has launched this process. We highly recommend you to stop searching for the cure on your own and visit your doctor right now. This person will make texts, examine your legs and define the factors that damage your health.

feet swelling after pregnancy

Phlebeurysm is one more widespread reason of feet swelling after pregnancy, but it is much more complex than kidney disorders, especially in the field of treatment. For the first stages of this disease you have just to follow simple recommendation, such as: move your legs more often, stand up and walk sometimes during sitting and have some more rest. It sounds extremely simple, but these methods are very effective against feet swelling after pregnancy. But remember that only your doctor could give you full list of proper recommendations.

Eating disorders and overload of your legs are much easier to handle with. First of all, there is no special medical assignments at all. You should change or improve your lifestyle in short amount of time. You have to understand that during pregnancy woman is responsible for child, not only for herself. That is why the appropriate rest and healthy food is not your wish, it is compulsory term.

feet swelling after pregnancy

How to stanch feet swelling after pregnancy?

Long before the modern medicine women had to deal with swelling. That is why there was created some easy ways to improve your leg health. Most of them are aimed on the improving of the blood circulation in your limbs.

  • You may lie sometimes, but your legs must be higher than your head, it will decrease the blood pressure. It would be great if you can do this every several hours.
  • Move your feet around clockwise to increase the bloodstream.
  • Walk on your toes for several minutes 3-4 times a day.

  • Pay attention to the way you sit. Your back must be straight, while your legs should not cross even a little.

  • Sleep on the left side of your body – it is useful for blood circulation.

  • If you have to stay still for a long time, periodically step on your toes, it will help to avoid swelling for several hours.

  • Feet massage is great option too. The best time for it is evening, before you will go to bed. Massage could be provided by your partner of friend; all you need is some oil.

  • The last advice is about food. To improve your limbs bloodstream and avoid swelling we recommend you to eat: viburnum, grapefruit, grapes, tomatoes, lemon, sea-buckthorn. But you should control the amount of them, because balanced ration is much more important.

Stay healthy!

feet swelling after pregnancy