Foot Swelling After Pregnancy How To Deal With This Issue?

Foot Swelling After Pregnancy How To Deal With This Issue?

Foot swelling is referred to as “postpartum edema” medically. A woman’s body abruptly returns to normal life nine months later giving birth to a new life. All of a sudden, the organs and hormones don’t suppress or adapt to the changes, so, small events are visible after pregnancy.

Foot swelling is one of those events, basically during pregnancy, a baby needs water. After pregnancy, suddenly body does not change the saga, so, swelling can occur. After a few weeks of pregnancy, it can be completely normal if a postpartum mother manages it appropriately.

Why does foot swelling occur after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone plays an active role in the growth of the fetus. Progesterone level suddenly doesn’t drop after delivery, due to this hormone, the body tends to hold water or excess fluid for the increasing progesterone level. Postpartum edema is not only limited to foot swelling, it can also affect hands, arms, ankles, and legs. If foot swelling doesn’t recover within 1-2 weeks of delivery with proper management or the condition worsens, it’s better to consult with gynecologists.

How to deal with foot swelling after pregnancy?

There is no specific treatment for foot swelling after pregnancy but some management techniques can make the event less uncomfortable for a mother to deal with.

  • Intake of foods containing potassium like potatoes, mangoes, bananas, spinach, apricots, etc.
  • Thinking that your body is holding water, never restrict drinking water. Drink enough water every day.
  • During resting, keep your feet elevated. Using a pillow for the elevation of swallowed feet above the level of the heart might be helpful.
  • Salty foods or raw salts can be avoided during this phase.
  • Being a diuretic, caffeine causes you to retain water in your body and your foot can be swollen more. Reducing caffeine intake or no tea or coffee during postpartum to deal with foot swelling is a better option.
  • Always wear loose-fitting and comfortable attire.
  • Using comfortable shoes is important for foot swelling.
  • Don’t stay on rest always, try to have a small walk every day.
  • Trying foot massage can be helpful to get rid of foot swelling.

Final thoughts

Foot swelling recovers within a few weeks after delivery if there is no complication with preeclampsia or other health issues. Again, never get too worried. Using some simple home management will help a mother to deal with foot swelling after pregnancy.