How To Relieve Breast Pain During Pregnancy: Useful Tips

How To Relieve Breast Pain During Pregnancy: Useful Tips

During pregnancy, lots of changes occur in a birth-giving mother’s body. Breast pain, heaviness, or growing breasts are some of these problems regarding changes in breasts. Breast pain in pregnancy is a very usual but uncomfortable event for a woman. A woman can feel irritated due to breast pain all the time but by following some useful tips, a woman can easily get rid of breast pain in pregnancy.

What is the cause of breast pain during pregnancy?

Mostly, hormonal changes during pregnancy are the main reason of breast pain. Estrogen & progesterone hormone levels increase during pregnancy for placental support. Another hormone named prolactin is also released from pituitary glands which is necessary for breast growth and lactation after pregnancy. All the mentioned hormones boost blood flow in the breast tissues and prepare it perfectly for breastfeeding. Although hormonal changes are major causes of breast pain during pregnancy, some other causes are also associated with:

  • Changed eating habits might cause heartburn which might cause chest pain.
  • Breast strain might occur when the fetus starts enlarging and it creates pressure around the breast area and causes breast pain.
  • Pregnancy stress might cause chest tightness and breast pain.
  • History of asthma
  • Pregnancy after the age of 40.

What useful tips are there to relieve breast pain during pregnancy?

Breast pain is considered normal in pregnancy till the first trimester till childbirth. Again some useful tips can be followed to get relief from breast pain during pregnancy:

  • Do not take over the workload and try to live a stress-free and relaxed life during pregnancy.
  • Low-fat diet might be helpful for breast pain.
  • Cravings are natural in pregnancy, again try to avoid foods that are allergic to you and might cause acidity problems.
  • Limit caffein intake
  • Use loose and comfortable attire including inners like pregnancy bras.
  • Using ice packs might help you to get comfort from breast pain.
  • Showering with warm water will also help you relax, and heat therapy is good for pain relief.

Final thoughts

During the first trimester of pregnancy, some women experience acute sensitivity, discomfort, and breast pain. Following some simple and useful tips might ease the problem of breast pain for pregnant women. Last but not the least, do not take more stress about breast pain, it is completely normal and it won’t negatively affect your upcoming baby.