Swollen feet and legs during pregnancy: what is your reaction?

swollen feet and legs during pregnancy

Swollen feet and legs during pregnancy is common problem for all of mothers. In most of cases, this symptom may appear in the second half of the pregnancy, in the third trimester. Legs will swell, it will be hard to move fast or even just stay for a long time.

In some cases, swollen feet and legs during pregnancy are caused by health issues, and the childbirth, which is great stress for woman’s body, may just make the situation much worse. The indicator is swelling of other parts of the body.

  • Swelling appear near the shins and feet.

  • In next several days you may find swelling under your belly and near the small of the back.
  • Next destinations are your hands and face.

  • And on this stage all your body is swollen.

During the pregnancy, mother’s body saves a lot of sodium salts that attract water. Some factors may cause physiological swelling. On the top-list are: a lot of salty dishes in your daily ration, warm and hot types of climate, physical overload. But swollen feet and legs during pregnancy should not worry you. If the factors will be eliminated, swelling will disappear.

Dealing with swollen feet and legs during pregnancy

So what should you do if your feet swell during the pregnancy? How to handle with this issue. In most of cases, doctor will prescribe you medicine that will improve circulation of the blood in your limbs.

swollen feet and legs during pregnancy

In addition, you may hold a diet and use some prophylactic measures:

  • Decrease the amount of salt in your ration, because it will make your body to save extra liquid. You should also stay away from species and fried dishes. Steamed food is the best option.

  • You should drink less, especially during the third trimester. The maximum amount of water is 3 pints a day. You should count not only the water itself, but also juicy fruits and vegetables.

  • Do not forget about the vitamins, because they may make your blood vessels much stronger. It will decrease the amount liquid which is passing through their walls and decrease the swelling.

  • Most of teas are good for the hydration, but you should drink them for at least a month to feel the effect. It is restricted to drink any kind of chemical diuretics, because they may damage your child.
  • Feet massage is great option too. You should use some special oils to increase the effect.