What causes swollen feet after giving birth?

swollen feet after giving birth

If you think that your body should start working in proper way in several days after childbirth, you are completely wrong. It need some to get fit. That is way swollen feet after giving birth may last for several weeks and it is OK. During this period, your hormonal background will stabilize, and your body will stop saving additional liquid.

swollen feet after giving birth

  • Phlebeurysm is on the top-list. You may have this disease for several years, but it may be launched by overload of your veins during the pregnancy as well. In most of cases one of your legs will be more swollen than another, but there are some exceptions. The outstanding sight of phlebeurysm: your feet are swollen in the evening, but in the morning they seem fine.

  • There is one more reason that causes swollen feet after giving birth and it is kidney disorder. So your kidney may be overloaded during the pregnancy and lactation period, and it is hard for them to work in proper way. Show some compassion and visit your doctor.
  • Watch your meal! It means that most of women, may restrict themselves some tasty dishes during the pregnancy, so the childbirth they may eat too much salt. So if you have finished your lactation period, it does not mean that you can eat all you want. For example, simple fries with a glass of water may damage your kidneys, so be careful!

  • Some medical preparations may be a reason for swollen feet. Sometimes, your recovery period may take a little bit more time, so doctor has to prescribe you medicine, such as antibiotics or steroids, and their side effect is swollen limbs.